Friday, July 13, 2012

Glitter Me Up Friday--Sally Hansen plays some Tetris!

Friday again, eh? What joy...time for some glitter!

And it's not just any glitter--it's Indie glitter--Black Cat Lacquer Indie glitter, to be exact that goes by the name of Tetris, probably due to the awesome multi-colored square glitters that comprise this polish. Black Cat Lacquer is one of the newer sellers to hit Etsy and they have some amazingly gorgeous glitter creations! 

I have to apologize for my pics today. My son hurled my camera across the room yesterday and ever since, it has been taking whacky, slightly blurry pics. Me thinks it might have a bit of a concussion...

I decided to layer Tetris over Purple Haste, a new limited edition shade from Sally Hansen's Insta-dri Line (aha, yes, all the sudden, the title of my post makes sense, doesn't it?)...Purple Haste is a beautiful dark purple shimmer with stunning blue micro glitter in it. Because I'm so brilliant, I forgot to snap a pic of my nails before I put layered Tetris over them, so I swatched it on a nail wheel so you can see the blue shimmer in all its glory:


This mani is 2 coats of Purple Haste with 2 coats of Tetris over top, with my standard Seche Vite on top. Tetris, like most chunky glitter polishes, required a bit of finesse to get the glitters out of the bottle and to get them to spread out, but I pretty much expected that given the nature of it. Either way,  I love those bright, colorful squares--it's like someone threw confetti on my nails--and who doesn't like confetti??

You can nab a bottle of Tetris for yourself at Black Cat Lacquer's Etsy shop. As of this posting, there are 2 more bottles left in stock!

As far as glitter, there is SO much more of it to drool over at my fellow GMUF participants' blogs:

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    1. i know right? i'm such a ho for multi-colored shimmer...and lets not forget square glitter ::swoon::


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