Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fail Art the Sequel--cuz clearly I haven't learned my lesson yet.

I took off that God-awful Martha Stewart glitter accent finger I posted about earlier and, rather than just repaint that nail with the same N.Y.C. Empire State Blue & Spoiled Use Protection so it would match the others, I, of course, decided it was time to play with more fimo and I even busted out my dotting tools and well, let's just let the pics take it from here:

*cue the scary shower scene music from Psycho*

Get it? It's a fish swimming in the sea. The green smudges in the background (My apologies to Sally Hansen Insta-dri Just in Lime)--that's supposed to be seaweed. And those brown and gold smudges  at the bottom (sorry Insta-dri Coco a Gogo and China Glaze gold Romantique polish that I can't remember the name of right now)...yep! That's the sea floor. Somebody seriously  needs to just take away all my polish & nail art paraphernalia. Or strip me of my lap top at least; that way I can't continue to assault cyber space with all this fail art. 

But you know what? It's good I posted this because years from now when I have years of nail art and blogging experience under my belt, I can sit back and laugh at these craptastic posts from my 'early days'. I love when blogging vets do those "retrospective" posts because it gives me hope that one day I, too, will improve fine day many years from now... 

On the plus side, though, my kids LOVED my "Nemo" nails. My 21 month old was particularly fascinated with the tiny 'feeshees' and he kept trying to take them off...and bringing smiles to my kids faces always makes my day...


  1. I know that feeling making the baby is smile and seeing their smile is such a blessing! On the other hand, dont be so hard on yourself. I think this turned out GREAT! Its so cute!

    1. well thank you! i just wish i had more nail space. it's so hard trying to do any kind of detailed nail art on nubz! everything looks crowded and smooshed together.

  2. I think it's cute too, and I know you'll get better. My early water marbles were hideous, but I posted 'em anyway to give all the other fumble-fingered types someone to feel superior to! ;)

    You go right on with your bad glam self, Mama.


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