Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Patriotic monkey claws!

Happy 4th of July, USA! Hope you're all enjoying your day off. Me and my family are just having a real chill day at home--just us playing in the yard and grillin some burgers and later on we'll shoot off some fireworks we bought, cuz it ain't the 4th unless you're blowing something up, amiright??

So, of course, being a proud lacquerhead, I had to dress my nails up for the Holiday. Behold the uber creative (*sarcasm*) mani I came up with:

Gee...stamped stars and stripes & some red &  blue glitter on  a white thumb. Yea, I know I'm a nail art visionary...

Polishes used are: Revlon Frankly Scarlet; China Glaze Ring in the Red; Orly Stone Cold; Hot Topic BlackHeart Beauty 'Royally Screwed'; Finger Paints Papier Mache (both for thumb and for stamping); OPI Gettin Miss Piggy With It....and the whole she-bang topped off with Seche Vite of course!

Well, off to enjoy the rest of the day with the kiddos. Have a happy and safe 4th!

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