Thursday, July 12, 2012

Two nifty little tools that make sticking junk to your nails SO much easier...

I thought, since I've been posting a lot about ridiculous nail be-dazzling, I'd show you all what I use to pick up all those itty bitty rhinestones/fimo slices/ glitter bits:

On the left is an awesome pair of nail art tweezers I got from Mash (the same folks who make the popular stamping plates) at for $5.00. And on the right is a little pink plastic tool called The Pickerr Uperr (their spelling, not mine) that I got at Sally Beauty Supply for a few bucks a while back.

Let's take a closer look at the tweezers first... 

Check out the "grabbers" on these babies. They are SO pointed and precise!

In fact, they're a little sharp, so be careful with them. Their ability to pick up the teeniest little atom of nail art shizz is absolutely amazing. Observe:

Here I solidly gripped and picked up a single micro-bead. I can't think of anything tinier that I would want to place on my nail so I thought that would be a good demonstration of how awesome these tweezers are. The handle of the tweezers is coated with a soft black rubber skin so they are comfortable to hold and they ain't slippin' no where...

Ok, now onto the Pickerr Uperr. This thing is essentially a plastic stick with 2 silicone bits on each end that somehow manages to attract and grip rhinestones, microbeads, half pearls and basically whatever else you can throw at it. One end has a smaller silicone bit:

and the other has a larger bit for bigger nail art pieces:

In this pic, I used the smaller bit to once again pick up a single micro-bead to show this stick's grabbyness (I don't know what else to call it)

And here is the bigger end holding some more microbeads. Yep. Grabbalicious.

When it comes to placing rhinestones, I like using the Pickerr Uperr (wtf is UP with that spelling??) because you can gently place the stone onto the nail without risking actually TOUCHING the nail with your tool. I know some folks use an orange stick dipped in a bit of top coat for that. I personally don't know if this works better than that method because I've only ever used this tool for my pickin' needs. However, I CAN say that I like the idea of just reaching for a nifty little specially designed stick better than having to mess with cuticle-pushers and top coat to pick stuff up-no mess and no extra steps!

I like to use the Mash tweezers to pick up and place fimo slices, nail decals, striping tape and glitter shapes.  I also use them to "draw out" little shapes and designs with micro-beads. They're handy for fishing stubborn rhinestones out of those little compartmentalized wheel dealies that nail art stuff tends to be packaged in, too...oh yea, and I even used them to extract a splinter from my finger one day but I don't know if I'd recommend that as a common use for these things...

Do you have either one of these tools? Do you find it makes nail-blingifying easier?


  1. I dont have any of these and feel like I need both of these! LOL

    1. i highly recommend them! i'm SO fumble fingered and if it wasn't for these two little tools, my nail art would be even scarier than it already is LOL :)

  2. Replies
    1. theyre awesome..i only wish i had a huge version so i can pick junk up off the floor while holding the baby...


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