Friday, July 6, 2012

GMUF, 80s style...

Yay! It's Glitter Me Up Friday again and this week I'm actually on-the-ball enough to participate! And oh do I have one awesome but insanely hard to photograph combo for you! A while ago, while stalking nail polish shops on Etsy, I discovered a new shade by Daring Digits called Simply Salt Water Taffy--a matte hot pink glitter in a clear base. I nearly died of the awesomeness. 

EPIC!! and how cool is that bottle?

 So what better to layer a hot pink matte glitter over than a bright turquoise polish? I chose Funky Fingers Wild Child and this is what I got.
outside full sun

outside full sun

outside shade

outside shade...

OMG it is driving me crazy that I can't get a decently color-accurate picture. All these pics are making the glitter look much more pastel than it is in real life. It's also making Wild Child look a lot dustier than it is in real life. This is such a fun, eye-popping combo and it just screams 80s to me, which makes me inordinately happy. It just makes me wanna throw on a walkman, pop in a Simple Minds cassette and crank it while ratting my ginormous hair. 

Now I'm not gonna lie. Like most of the matte glitter polishes I've tried so far,  this one was a pain in the butt to work with. Getting the glitters on the brush was hard and getting them OFF the brush and onto my nails was even harder. I ended up using a scooping motion to get a glob of glitter out of the bottle and then I had to basically scrape the glob against the free edge of my nail, pull it downward and dab the glitters into place. Luckily, the consistency of the base made it easy to even out the blog so there was no awkward lumpy, goopy spots and everything dried quickly, so I wasn't held prisoner waiting for a thick mani to finally cure past the 'dingable' stage. The above swatches are 3 coats of Wild Child with 1 coat/blob of Salt Water Taffy, plus 2 coats of Seche Vite. 

I am loving the matte glitters that are popping up all over Etsy. I've been scooping them up whenever I can and I have lots more to try out and snap pics of, so stay tuned. As far as Daring Digits, they are currently having a sale on their Etsy shop--every polish they make is 20% off from now until July 30th. At the moment, they don't appear to have Salt Water Taffy in stock but they have plenty of other gorgeous shades and, according to the shop announcement, they're adding new shades every day this month, so swing by and check 'em out!

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