Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So here I am doing post after post about how awesome Sinful polishes are, and then I read THIS

This truly does pain me to write because I have LOVED Sinful Colors for years. Some of the oldest polishes in my stash are Sinful shades that have been with me since I was a teen. I have more Sinfuls than I have any other drugstore polish in my collection...BUT...I can't be quiet about this:

Apparently, Sinful has flat out stolen pictures from 2 different nail bloggers and published them in a pamphlet they are featuring in Walgreens stores as a marketing ploy. All blogger watermarks were removed from the images and no credit was given anywhere in the pamphlet for any of the photos.

You can read all about the thievery here:





Frickin unbelievable!!

This is vile to me for several reasons:

  • Last time I checked, stealing is WRONG. Read the frickin 10 commandments, polish execs!
  • Nail bloggers work hard taking pics, editing pics, writing and posting and maintaining their blogs and they do it simply because they LOVE nail polish and want to share their passion with others. Nail blog posts are FREE advertisements for whatever polish companies they happen to be talking about in any given post. It is absolutely disgusting to think a polish company would take advantage of a blogger's love and labor like that!
  • Sinful, being a big polish company owned by Revlon, could surely afford to PAY for photos instead of stealing them from unsuspecting bloggers.
  • They didn't even steal pics that featured their polishes OR the nail art techniques they're describing. Way to lie to and mislead your customers, Sinful!!
  • Imagine how awesome it would have been for those bloggers if Sinful had reached out to them, asked permission to publish their photos and credited them with their work. I know if I was ever contacted by a big polish brand and asked to use my blog's photos in a national marketing campaign, I would be over the frickin moon! What a huge impact that would have on readership and exposure for a blog! 
So are you as pissed as I am?? Feel free to go tell Sinful on their Facebook page! Demand that they destroy all those pamphlets and apologize to the bloggers that they stole from! 

If you are a nail blogger, blog about Sinful's blatant photo theft. Let people know that you stand behind fellow nail bloggers and that we, as a whole, refuse to be taken advantage of by any company!

As of right now, I have 63 bottles of Sinful polishes destined to leave my possession if the company doesn't apologize. Sinful, PLEASE apologize to those bloggers and pull all those pamphlets from every Walgreens across the country! If you don't, then I can't continue to support your brand any longer.

UPDATE: The Swatchaholic  updated her post to say that Sinful even photoshopped her nail beds and manicure onto the cardboard display model's hands!!! Seriously?!?!


  1. Replies
    1. yea that's kind of my reaction, too...

  2. I guess I will be sticking with trusty Wet n' Wild for my drugstore polish fixes from now on. ;-) I have one Megalast polish and I really like it.

    1. i love me some wet n wild! sally hansen xtreme wears are another drugstore favorite...

  3. I can't believe this! I've been outta town for a few days so I'm just hearing about this. Cuh-razy.
    They better come out with an apology QUICK!
    So sad. I love Sinful Colors. :(

    1. i know me too. i was like 'damnit why you gotta mess up your awesomeness with all this thieving.' all i can say is the little girls in my life are about to be blessed with 63 Sinful polishes to play with if the company doesnt at least apologize!

  4. Crap. I just bought a bunch of SC to send to a girl in my birthday club. I hope they clear this up soon!

    1. me too!! i am ALWAYS recommending sinfuls to anyone who asks me about good cheap polishes...i do NOT want to have to eat those words...

  5. I'm gonna hold off on my blog post about this until tomorrow. I've been on the revlon, sinful colors, and walgreens pages asking for answers and threatening boycotting. If any new developments happen, I can put them right on my post tomorrow. THis truly is ridiculous!

    1. I've been doing the same thing under my personal log-in. watching those pages like a hawk & praying they say SOMETHING soon. i really do love both Revlon & Sinful but i can live without them if i gotta!

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