Tuesday, July 24, 2012

MOAR Sinful pics--Cross My Heart with a mosaic glitter accent nail

A while back, I discovered this awesome nail blog called Polish All The Nails. She had several posts that featured this awesome nail art technique she calls Glitter Mosaics, that involves taking larger pieces of glitter and adhering them to the nails. We all know my obsession for sticking things to my nails and what better to stick than huge glitter?? So I promptly ordered me a 12 pot set of huge glitter on Ebay and today, I finally got a chance to play with it.

I chose to do a mani of Sinful Colors Cross My Heart (yea, guess who hauled 13 new Sinfuls at the $.99 sale...oopsy) and just do a glitter mosaic accent nail. I used my Mash nail art tweezers to pick up and place the glitters (which are translucent yellow iridescent hexes) onto a wet coat of Gelous. My placement is no where near as awesome and precise as Ms. PolishAlltheNails' is, of course...After I placed each glitter, I applied another coat of Gelous to smooth everything out. 

Cross My Heart is a red-orange jelly polish and it is just so bright and saturated and juicy looking. Because I have some pretty nasty blue staining on my nails, I started with a base coat of white polish (Wet N Wild French White Cream), followed by 2 coats of Cross My Heart. The white base minimized the jelly squishiness but amped up the brightness of this polish, so I guess it was an even trade. 

Expect to see more glitter mosaic madness from me soon!


  1. Glad you like my technique! Looks amazing :D

    How are you finding Gelous? It's the one thing I haven't tried, and Seche Vite always leaves one or two pieces of glitter sticking out

    1. omg you make it look SO easy!! maybe if i spend like a million hours practicing, i can line up each glitter piece as perfectly as you do...but i doubt it lol.

      I personally love Gelous. I find that sandwiching glitter pieces between coats of Gelous helps keep glitters in place and keeps them from popping up and getting all pokey.


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