Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oops I hauled again...

broke out my charge card/ got lots of polish/ ooh baby baby...

Ok, enough horrible reworkings of already horrible pop songs.

So, um, yea. I went out looking for 1 polish and this happened:

(click pics to enlarge)
What the WHAT? I was only intending to buy the NYC Golden Glam polish (center polish on bottom row) from their new limited edition 'Summer in the City' collection....

but then I also found the new Sinful shades I read about on Nouveau Cheap , Leap Flog, Rain Storm, Ocean Side and a few 'new to me' shades, Lavender and a stunning glass fleck blue shade called Ciao Bella (gorgeous AND the name is Italian so I HAD to have it), so those ended up in my basket too).

..And when I turned the corner, I squeeled aloud as I finally laid eyes on the Diamond Strength Jewel overcoat polishes I've been hunting down forever (what took you so long, local Rite Aid?)...

 As if that weren't enough, I turned yet another corner and POW! BAM! I found these AMAZE-BAWLS brand new Limited Edition Sally Hansen Insta-dris. Check these out:

This one is called Purple Haste and it's got this gorgeous violet and blue micro-glitter in it. There was NO WAY that wasn't coming home with me. 

And THIS amazing galaxy-in-a-bottle is called In a Flurry. It is this forest green polish with tons of multi-colored micro-glitters in it. I spot blue, green, gold, purple...every time I look at it, I see another color. Oh hell to the yea....

I also swung by 5 Below and nabbed a few of the ever-present Funky Fingers neon crackles (aka, Color Club neon crackles but in a different shaped bottle and for a much cheaper price--thanks be to their parent company, Forsythe. I love when polish companies manufacture cheapie labels for cheapie stores and just re-use the same shades they market under their more expensive label. I guess they think we won't notice. They clearly underestimate the observational prowess of all the polish-hoarders out there...)...I didn't realize I wanted those crackles until I saw somebody post pics of them on an online polish message board. After that, they suddenly HAD to be mine.

Oh yea, I can't end this post without showing this off:

Pink lipstick-shaped lamp?!?!? I nearly fainted today in the middle of Target when I saw this...but then I collected myself and ninja grabby-handed that baby off the shelf, actively fighting the urge to say "my pweeeeciouuus" outloud as I snatched it up. It looks perfectly at home next to my light-up magnifying mirror. Yay for matching chrome finishes! Now if they only made a nail-polish shaped lamp to go with it, my life would be complete... 

Expect lots of pretties to drool over in the future!

Any recent hauls of shame you need to confess? 


  1. Awesome haul! And FREAK NUTZZ that lamp is so cute!

    1. it was physically impossible for me to leave the store without it lol--much to my husband's dismay...

  2. Awesome haul, I find myself doing these major purchase splurge at leastonce a month which is a big no-no right now:( Must learn self control. I LOVE In a Flurry. I must track that down. Oh, and Target always gets the coolest stuff doe BTS. This year it's so many cool stuff I can't stand it. Who wouldn't need a picture of a chihuahua with glasses and a mustache?:)

    1. um DUH, EVERYONE needs lipstick lamps and mustachioed chihuahua pics! if it wasnt for Target's back to school stuff and their halloween stuff, my house would be absolutely bare and boring lol.

      and yea, i, too have issues with self control, obviously. what i need is a sponsor lol

  3. Oh lawd, this post was hilarious! :D I love that lipstick lamp! I just picked up two polishes today that I shouldn't have, but one of them was Whimsical, and it was the only one left! Had to grab it! That's excusable, right?

    1. of course it is! HTFs and 'last bottle left' purchases totally do NOT count against us! :)


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