Wednesday, July 25, 2012

more giant glitter nails!

I have another Polish All The Nails inspired glitter mosaic mani for you today and it is so bling-tastic, it was very hard to photograph:

I am seriously loving playing with these big glitter pieces. Thank you Polish All the Nails  for planting this obsession idea in my head! I love how shiny this mani is--like mirror balls on your nails! Plus, the glitters stay nice and flat with a good coat of Gelous, so there's no stuff sticking up from my nails to get caught on things and annoy me all day.

This mani consists of:

2 coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Sky's the Limit (one of the LE Spring Tracy Reese  shades I picked up on clearance recently at my Walgreens), a coat of Gelous, lots of awesome gold glitter and another coat of Gelous. I apologize for the bubbles. My Gelous is getting down to the last third or so in the bottle and it's getting pretty thick...

Here's a bonus pic of the tiny vials my glitters came in. I frickin LOVE tiny things:

so cute!


  1. Ooh they are so cute! I also sometimes have a hard time capturing glitters on my nails. I think it would be easier if you don't take photos under direct sunlight. :)

    1. yea i need to figure out the right time of day for pic taking...i tend to like the pics i get in slightly overcast days the best. they're the most true-to-life and they're not all full of eyeball-searing glare


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