Monday, July 2, 2012

Wet N Wild Fergie Nail polish display spotted!

So I had to do a drugstore run and, of course, that means I had to scope out the beauty section to see what was new. In addition to the awesome clearance polishes I just mentioned in my last post, I ALSO spotted a new collection of polishes by Wet N Wild...and who's name and face was plastered all over the display? None other than Fergie of Black Eyed Peas fame. I had heard earlier in the year that she hooked up with Wet N Wild as their new celeb spokesperson and now apparently they have given birth to lots of sparkly new polish babies (ok creepy image, but you get my gist)...anyway, enough yammering and onto the display pics and bottle shots:

Please excuse the crappy cell phone pics. These were all snapped on the go.
The whole display. Note the slightly hiked-up price tag. Fergie's name don't come cheap, ya know.

Here are some closer looks at each row. (click to enlarge)

Lots of neons and glitter bombs and a few metallics. Let's take a closer look at some of the more interesting shades, shall we?

This is Duchess. a blue micro-glitter with larger purple hexes. Looks to be a repackaging 'Believe me It's Real,' one of the holiday 2011 Wet N Wild Ice Baby shades (for reference, check out Nouveaucheap's swatches of that collection).

Here is 'No Place Like Home,' a red Micro glitter with larger silvery holo glitters.  Hmmm, looks like another repackaging of another Wet N Wild Ice baby shade--this time Rockin Rubies. 

Next up, Rock N Roll--large silver holo bits in a charcoal glitter base. Another repackaging of another Ice Baby glitter? You bet! It's the reincarnation of 'Diamond in the Rough.'

So far this is great news if you missed out on the Ice Baby glitters last year. Not so great news if you have them all like I do....

but I DID find some exciting polishes that are not really dupes of anything I know of on the drugstore market right now.
Above is Tonight's Gonna be a Good Night--small BLACK glitter with larger gold hex glitters. Yes Ma'am!!! Needless to say, one of those came home with me. The polish on the right is Hollywood Walk of Fame--which is a multi-colored star glitter and some of the stars are even HOLOGRAPHIC. Oh yea, that one didn't leave my clutches either. 

Above is New Year's Kiss....a fine silver glitter with holo bar glitters. Another unique one among drugstore polishes. 

Above is Take the Stage, which looks like it could be a dupe for OPI Divine Swine from OPI's Muppet collection (check out Scrangie's swatches for reference)...

So what do you think? Any shades calling your name? Like I said, I did take home Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night and Hollywood Walk of Fame. Expect swatches soon--I mean it this time!

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